Get Ready For Silly Sundays!

Throughout the month of November every Sunday will have a theme. Nov 1 Support Your Team IU WINS! Nov 8 Camo AKA Can you see me now? Nov 15 Superheros Marvel VS DC Nov 22 Pajamas Dress to Impress and Don’t forget to bring a friend to show them how much fun we have!


Announcements Oct 25

Please pick up a shoe box or two (or more should the spirit move you) to fill for those girls and boys that may not otherwise get a Christmas.  Shoe boxes must be turned in by November 15! Life Steps will be held at Phyllis’s house this week. See Stephanie if you would like to...


Facing the Giants

Let's make sure our vision doesn't omit giants.

There were giants in the promised land. There was a giant facing David down. Sometimes we look at our vision and it's all fun and games and the Lord will provide, so we sit back and think it's going to be easy. Or worse, we don't think we have a responsibility in the outcome.