Come out to lifesteps on Wednesday.  Just saying, you miss a good time if you miss wednesday night.

The Biggest Loser challenge is in full swing.  Let the pastor know you love him. Bring Reese’s.

Dave ramsey starts tonight at 5 at the church. Be weird dont live paycheck to paycheck. Runs for ten weeks.

Chili cookoff and job fair on January 22. Beth is the only one signed up. Immediately after church

New hope is getting Frozen on February 25. We will be showing Frozen and Elsa will be here Saturday morning.

Game night is January 27 at 6.  Bring a game and a dish.  And bring your gameface.  Everyone is compettative. Tim lost the last five game nights to Catherine.

Ask the Pastors is Coming January 29.  Put your faith questions in the question mark box on the back table by next week.

Board meeting January 29.