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Hungry for both hope and help, the people of Appalachia need to be encouraged and reminded of the love of Jesus.

Please be in much prayer for us on July 9 – July 14, 2017 (Sunday – Friday) as we will be traveling to Kingsport, Tennessee to Minister to the community.
Ministry opportunities include:
• Children’s Ministry: We will share the love of Jesus with children at a local day camp, playing with them and organizing activities.
• Elderly Ministry: We’ll also have the opportunity to build relationships with the local elderly community, which often feels marginalized and ignored by society.
• Feeding the Hungry: Preparing and distributing food for low income families, as well as possibly volunteer with a local ministry.
Despite vast natural resources and beauty beyond measure, Appalachia daily fights for freedom from poverty and despair.
Unemployment tracks higher than the national average, and many people in this area work in low-paying jobs below their skill level. Outsourcing and mechanization have left many residents jobless, poverty-stricken, and lacking in educational resources.
The people of the Appalachian Mountains are strong and come from a legacy of hard work, but years of discouragement have taken their toll. Many people work multiple jobs, collect government aid, and sacrifice just to make ends meet.
The people of Appalachia need help restoring their promise of a better future.
There are costs associated with this trip that include food, lodging, ministry expenses and other associated costs as well as each individual cost to go for everyone that signed up and service does require sacrifice, but if you are unable to go yourselves and would love to be a part of this worthwhile ministry you can donate as the Lord lays on your heart.
Please don’t forget to pray! There is no greater support that we can ask for than for you to lift this ministry up before the Lord in earnest prayer.
Thank you and may God bless you!