Announcemnts 3-26-17

April 2 Board Meeting After Church April 9 Mission trip second installment due $125 Please turn in candy filled Easter Eggs April 23 New Members Inducted See Chuck if you are interested in homecoming a new member with Corydon New Hope Wesleyan April 29 Paintball!!! April 30 Church Elections after church   June 15,16, &...


Announcements 3/11/17

The church lost a total of 147 lbs during the biggest loser challenge. Josh hit his goal of 3 lbs loss (he lost 3.5!) and won Reese’s 😉 Tim lost 25.5 lbs won loss and percentage categories for the men. Joey won loss and percentage categories for the women Both were awarded rice cakes and gift...


Lent Challenge

So here we are about half-way through the season of Lent and the Lent challenge we started. I grew up a  Christian with little experience with Lent. In fact, I remember being at work and wondering why, one particular evening, about a quarter of all our customers had dark crosses smeared on their foreheads. What...

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