Fall Picnic Results

Thank you to everyone that worked to make the Sunday October 1st Fall Picnic! a success!  A big thank you to those who helped set up, clean up, cooked, and showed up to play.


Soup Winner

Juanita has won the three previous years, but was unseated by the first time entry Teri!

Dessert Winner

Landon voted for the banana pudding, but the dessert winner by one vote was Phyllis

Kiss the Critter “Winner”


After weeks of fundraising Regina collected the most.  Both Regina and the goat survived the contest.

Pumpkin Carving

Chuck with his twin pumpkin, Chuck-in

All the pumpkin carvers won some candy!

Money Raised for the Youth Group

  • Over 1000 dollars!
 Leaf vector created by Freepik