Call For Pictures

We are hoping to collect pictures/video from the church’s past, present, and future.

  • Please Email any pictures from church events (FROM ANY POINT IN TIME) to
  • You can also add them to the church’s new secret facebook group, private message them to Autumn on Facebook, or text them to Autumn (just ask her for her number if you are interested in that, or check the secret group for it)
  • Please label pictures/put in the message at least the season and year if not the exact date
  • It will also be helpful to include the event taking place in the picture
  • If you have hardcopy photos or VHS videos you would like to share, please bring them to Autumn and/or Ben to have them scanned.

If there are any pictures you do NOT want shared online please note this as well and we will only share within the church as a presentation or physical album.

This is an ongoing project so keep them coming!