This Week’s Events 4.23-4.29
  • Yard Sale Donation Drop Offs

    • When: 4/22/18 12:00 pm directly after service until 5/3/18
    • Where: Church Chair Room beside the upstairs bathroom
    • What: If you have any donations for the Yard Sale (5/4/18 and 5/5/18) please start bringing them in on this date
      • If you need to come on a weekday to bring things please contact Autumn
    • Who: Everyone who has stuff they need to be rid of!
    • Why: The Yard Sale needs donations in order to raise money for our outreach programs
    • Want: Anything you are willing to give
      • Please Make sure your Items are in good working condition, are not missing parts, and are clean
      • Volunteers to sort and Price Items in the two weeks before the Yardsale
    • For more information contact Autumn

Wednesday, April 25

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  • Wednesday Night Meal

    • When: Wednesday Nights 5:30 pm
    • Where: Church Basement Fellowship Hall
    • What: Weekly dinner to come together for food and worship before our Wednesday night meetings.
    • Who: Anyone, you do not need to attend a meeting to enjoy a meal with us.
    • Why: Mainly to feed those who are attending, but also to encourage fellowship
    • Want: Thanks to all who attend our meal needs have grown.  Please see the sign-up sheet in the church lobby if you are able to bring any foods.
    • For more information contact Terri


  • CLICK at Night

    • When: Wednesday Nights 6:30 pm
    • Where: Church Basement Children’s Room off the Fellowship Hall
    • What: Weekly Children’s Group Meeting
    • Who: Children ages 2 to 12 (Parents must remain in the building)
    • Why: Crafts and fun projects to encourage children to move closer to God
    • Want: Not currently seeking donations
    • For more information contact Terri
Youth Group
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  • Youth Group

    • When: Wednesday Nights 6:30 pm
    • Where: Church Basement Teen’s Room beside the bathrooms
    • What: Weekly Teen Group Meeting
    • Who: Teens ages 13 to 19
    • Why: Games and fun peppered with the deep discussion of the events and life changes that affect teenagers strongly based on the word.
    • Want: Not currently seeking donations
    • For more information contact Joey
Life Steps
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  • Life Steps

    • When: Wednesday Nights 6:30 pm
    • Where: Church Upstairs Room beside the lobby
    • What: Weekly Adult Group Meeting
    • Who: 20 and up
    • Why: Reading and discussion of the word, Some special series that focus on married life and other issues
    • Want: Not currently seeking donations
    • For more information contact Jill or Chuck

Thursday, April 26

Yoga Classes
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  • YOGA

    • When: Thursday Nights from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
    • Where: Church Sanctuary
    • What: Weekly Adult Fitness Group with Prayer and Scripture
    • Who: Teens and Adults of average fitness or better, No children, please
    • Why: To encourage healthy living and strengthen us physically and spiritually
    • Want: Cost is a free will donationBring your own Yoga mat, block, strap, and hand weights
      • Please come early/stay late to help move chairs if you can
    • For more information contact Nikki

Friday, April 27

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  • Young Adult Night

    • When: 4/27/18 7:00 pm
    • Where: Church Fellowship Hall
    • What: Monthly Young Adult Meeting
    • Who: Any Adults (we accept those young at heart) who would like to have a fun time while being able to read and discuss our lives and the word
      • There is generally someone to watch the children 2 and up
    • Why: To promote fellowship and fun
    • Want: Not seeking donations at this time
    • For more information contact Amber

Saturday, April 28

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  • Paintball

    • When: 4/28/18 10:00 am
    • Where: The Fun Farm
    • What: A fun few hours at the Fun Farm in Lanesville running around blasting paintballs at each other
    • Who: Anyone teen and up willing to get smacked down with paint
    • Why: Because Pastor Chuck thinks he is really good at this and needs a taste of his own medicine
    • Want: Paintballers of all skill levels
    • For more information contact Pastor Chuck

Sunday, April 29

Vacation Bible School

  • VBS Volunteer meeting directly after church

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