Parents: a Step Closer to God

With mother’s day approaching, I–as a mother–would like to say that parenthood brings a person closer to God.  I’m not saying everyone needs to have kids.  The friends, and other loved ones that you feel a motherly (or fatherly) affection for have the same effect on our lives.  We feel closer to God because:

  1. You have to pray for them. A lot. From before conception until forever.
  2. You have to teach them to pray


  1. By being the parent you get a glimpse of how our earthly parents and our Heavenly Father love us.

Nothing has taught me more about what God is willing to forgive, and why God lets sadness and pain into our lives. Like I with my children, He will love and forgive me(you, us all) absolutely. And though our pain is unbearable at times, it leads us to a better place, much like punishment teaches our own children to follow a certain path. This path is what God guides us to, though at the time it feel like the biggest spanking of our lives.