Building Use
  • See Beth to Reserve the Church Building for personal use.
  • Be aware that anyone using the building is expected to follow the guidelines below.
  • They are also expected to complete the cleaning checklist that beneath the guidelines.

Fellowship Hall Event Guidelines for Corydon New Hope Wesleyan Church

We are so excited that God has blessed us with a large fellowship hall and are looking forward to allowing out members use of it.  The following is a list of guidelines and a cleaning checklist that must be followed in order to be able to continue use of our facility.

Rules for use of the facility:

  • A church member or approved person must be present at all times during evet.  That person will be accountable for the acceptable use of the facility and for the required cleaning checklist.
  • All users are expected to remember that the facility is part of God’s house.  As such, behavior befitting Christians is expected at all times.
  • Smoking is prohibited on premises.
  • No one is to be upstairs at any time during event.
  • No alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs may be consumed on church property.
  • You must supply your own items for the event (paper plates, cups, utensils, ect.).
  • All decoration used in the Fellowship Hall shall reflect the Christian environment of the facility.  Nothing shall be attached to the walls or ceilings without prior approval from the Pastor.
  • No children under the age of 15 years should be exposed to or allowed to operate kitchen appliances.  All children in the kitchen area should be properly supervised.
  • Wash all of the church’s cookware, plates, and eating and cooking utensils after use.  Then, return them to their proper places.
  • DO NOT leave any dirty dishes of any kind sitting anywhere in the kitchen, classrooms, or Fellowship Hall.
  • If you use any kitchen towels, you are responsible for taking them home to wash and returning them as soon as possible.
  • DO NOT leave behind any leftover food or drink from you event.  Either take those food items home, or discard them.
  • All surfaces must be wiped clean.  This includes cleaning the tables and chairs as well as the serving tables.
  • Sweep and mop the Kitchen and Fellowship Hall after your event.
  • Ensure that all areas of the restrooms are clean and that trash has been removed
  • All the trash cans must be completely empty and relined with clean trash bags before you leave.  Return the trash cans to the proper place after emptying. Trash bags are located in the storage room off the kitchen
  • All chairs and tables must be returned to the way they were set up before use
  • Ensure that all classrooms are put back in order that they were before use (trash picked up, toys put back, furniture put back in order).
  • Turn off all lights and appliances before departing.

Fellowship Hall Event Cleaning Checklist

The following are to be completed immediately upon the completion of event:

Fellowship Hall

  • Floor Clean
  • Decorations Removed
  • Room (Tables And Chairs) Returned To Original State
  • Trash Emptied


  • Floor Clean
  • Dishes Cleaned And Put Away
  • Appliances And Counters Cleaned
  • Trash Emptied


  • Trash Emptied
  • Toilets Respectable
  • All Lights Turned Off


  • All Trash Taken To Dumpster
  • Leftover Food And Drinks Taken Home
  • All Lights Turned Off

Kids Rooms

  • Remove All Trash
  • Return All Toys And Furniture To Original Location
  • Vacuum/Sweep If Needed

All Cleaning Supplies Are Located In Supply Room Off The Kitchen