Day 1

So we are off on our 19-hour drive (according to Google) to New Mexico…28 1/2 hours later, we arrived. Ten adults, eight teens, two vans, and one Uhaul set out from the church to serve the Navajo community for a week. Many from our church family came to see us off and have prayer with us before departure. A ride filled with Jeremiah Johnson and endless episodes of Andy Griffith. A ride filled with lots of laughs and plenty of naps. A ride filled with a wrestling match between Tanner and Jiah and even setting up a Snapchat account for Tim Nushardt! But most importantly, it was a ride filled with memories and safe travels.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by three Experience Missions workers. We unpacked and settled in our home for the next week. The scenery out here is amazing. We got to meet the pastor and his wife of the local church. We were oriented to local culture. The church has no running water or plumbing. We will be using outhouses and solar bag showers this week. We will definitely leave here appreciating the little things that we have back home.

As everyone settled down for the evening tired and exhausted from the long trip, I couldn’t help but be super excited about what God has planned for us this week. We have prayed to be used by God, and I know we have a purpose here.

Joey Fulton
Youth Pastor