Twin Pines, NM

Day 2 started off with anticipation of what was to come. We split into four groups with each working on a separate project. I have to add before I begin that we would not have been so successful had it not been for the work ethic from our youth. They brought it! The entire team kept a great attitude throughout the day, and it was truly special.

One group did concrete and roofing for the Pastors house so he could have a shady area to entertain and witness. Shade is at a premium, so this is truly needed. I pray many hearts are touched on that patio!

Another group was on the roof of the church, patching it up. How awesome it is to have a hand in repairing God’s house! God is really moving there; please keep them in your prayers!

One group worked with the ladies of the community, sewing blankets and making memories! While another showed true servant leadership by working on the outhouses…yucky job, but they never complained.

The kid camp was so impactful; these kids are hungry for the Lord! If you saw where they lived, it would break your heart; it did mine! I was blessed to see the Lord soften one of the girls’ hearts today! Please keep these kids on your prayers!

The night service was great! It made us think, what kind of servant am I? What can I do for my community when I get home? Does it matter? Our teens said it best that it’s not about my mission; it’s about God’s mission! Also that what we do may be small, but it’s big to the one life we touch. What life will you touch today? Look for ways for God to use you today! Please pray for us as we continue to try and do our best for His glory.

God Bless
Joey Fulton
Youth Pastor