Back on the road again… This week has flown by. Seems like just yesterday we arrived on the reservation ready to work. We got to experience Navajo food, culture, and the way they celebrate the 4th of July. On the way out, we took a small detour to the Four Corners after that a drive through the mountains of Colorado. It gives you time to reflect and to see more of God’s beauty in the world. This week new relationships have formed, and current ones have grown stronger. We have gotten what might have seemed like a simple thank you but was so heartfelt and filled with tears it broke you. Seeing children run to the church ready and excited about what they were going to learn and do that day and that for a moment filled you with joy because you were a part of that. Our group poured their heart, sweat, a small amount of blood, and tears out. Saying goodbye was not easy and talked about wanting to go back in a few years to keep the connection and relationships that were formed strong. As one of us said it best in our devotional time this week, we are both big and small in God’s plan. See, God has a big plan so we can feel small, but to the one person you impact, you are big. God uses us is these moments to help people, but also for us to grow (boy have we grown). This group stepped up in so many ways that may seem small, but nothing is small when we are following God’s will. I can not wait to see where we go next and what God has planned for us!

Joey Fulton
Youth Pastor