We are the Branches

In the picture of the vineyard, we must make sure we know who we are. We are the branches. Our only one job is holding on to Jesus, the vine. By doing so we will fulfill our solitary purpose: bearing fruit. Literally all of the other work that takes place in the vineyard will be done by the gardener. That’s God. Not me. Not you. Our job is to allow Him to work through us by staying connected to the vine. Meditate today on who you are and what you’re called to do. Clinging. Remaining. Connecting. Holding on. Abiding. That’s all, nothing else.

Do as I Do

Jesus’ life on earth was a human example of how God wants us to live. Jesus said, “Do as I do.” The most incredible part of this command is that it comes with an offer of the power to live it out. Jesus doesn’t just ask us to try to live like the Son of God out of our own strength – His resurrection gave us access to His strength. Today, meditate on the example Christ left for us. What does washing feet look like in your own relationships and circumstances? How can you serve others in this most basic way like Jesus did for His friends? — Taken from John 13

When do you want your Reward?

Recognition & praise are great motivators. The Bible says to give honor where it is due and who doesn’t like to receive compliments? The problem comes in when we do are good deeds just for the praises of men. The Bible says that our good deeds should be done in secret, with no thought of reward. Jesus taught us to check our motives in three areas: generosity, prayer, and fasting. Those acts should be God-centered, not self-centered. Our acts should be done to glorify our Lord, not ourselves. The good news is that when we forsake physical gain, we reap heavenly rewards. With your next good deed, ask, “Would I still do this if no one would ever know I did it?”

 Matt 6:4 Give your gifts in private, and your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.

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