Not Just a Christmas Devotion

Three wise men discovered what every seeker must discover today: Jesus, the answer to life! “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?” – Matthew 2:2a Truth-seeking requires persistence and humility. There are all sorts of seekers out there today, searching for truth and the answer to life. Some of the first “seekers”Continue reading “Not Just a Christmas Devotion”

A Beginning Like No Other

Ronnie Floyd Description There are three things unique about the birth of Jesus that demonstrate He is like no other: His birth was prophesied; His birth was announced; His birth was accomplished. Many parents have some kind of odd childbirth story. A long labor. A short labor. A fainting father. An overly exuberant grandparent. AContinue reading “A Beginning Like No Other”

Friend & Family Sunday

  “That’s what friends are for, right?” People say it all the time… but why are friendships so important? – A friend is someone who laughs with you… – A friend helps you through the hard times… – A friend tells you when you’re acting silly… and may encourage you to stay that way – A friendContinue reading “Friend & Family Sunday”