True Faith

At first glance,¬†James 2:18¬†seems to contradict Romans 3:28, “We are made right with God through faith and not by obeying the law.” Deeper investigation, however, shows that the teachings of James and Paul are not at odds. While it is true that our good deeds can never earn salvation, true faith always results in aContinue reading “True Faith”

What do you See?

Some people see good all around them, while others see nothing but evil. What is the difference?     Our souls become filters through which we perceive goodness or evil. The pure (those who have Christ in control of their lives) learn to see goodness and purity even in this evil world. But corrupt andContinue reading “What do you See?”

Give Thanks Instead of …

Obscenity and coarse joking are so common that we begin to take them for granted. Paul cautions, however, that improper language should have no place in the Christian’s conversation because it does not reflect God’s gracious presence in us. How can we praise God and remind others of his goodness when we are speaking coarsely?Continue reading “Give Thanks Instead of …”