Fishers of Men

There are two requirements for coming to God. Like Peter, we must recognize our own sinfulness. Then, like these fishermen, we must realize that we can’t save ourselves.   If we know that we need help, and if we know that Jesus is the only one who can help us, we will be ready toContinue reading “Fishers of Men”

So Much Man…So Much God!

Theologians have long been troubled by Jesus’ allowing himself to be baptized by John. After all, this baptism was for sinners. Why, then, did Jesus do it? He did it because he is both God and human. He underwent baptism and even death as only a human could. He lived a sinless life and roseContinue reading “So Much Man…So Much God!”

Power to Serve

Mark’s Gospel emphasizes Christ’s power as well as his servant-hood. Jesus’ life and teaching turn the world upside down. The world sees power as a way to gain control over others. But Jesus, with all authority and power in heaven and earth, chose to serve others. He held children in his arms, healed the sick,Continue reading “Power to Serve”