Key to Success

2 Corinthians 2:14—but God is able to make us always triumph through Jesus Christ. If You’re Going To Succeed In Life, You Must Learn The Power Of Persistence There comes a time in every life when quitting looks good, when the problems seem insurmountable, when the giants seem unbeatable, and when defeat seems inescapable.  ThereContinue reading “Key to Success”

First S-T-E-P-S for Christians

You’ve done it. Stepped over the line and accepted God’s free gift of love and salvation, deciding to become a follower of Jesus Christ. You may feel different, forgiven and ready to start a new life. Or you may feel pretty much the same, but with a whole lot of new questions that come withContinue reading “First S-T-E-P-S for Christians”

Happy New Year 2013

With a New Year comes new beginnings. Thankfully we serve a God of second chances i.e. Peter, Paul, woman at the well, woman caught in the act of adultery, myself, and each one of you. With this new year and this new beginning we should not become lazy and complacent because Christ has not yetContinue reading “Happy New Year 2013”