Work to Ensure a Good Harvest

The farmer must wait patiently for his crops to grow; he cannot hurry the process. But he does not take the summer off and hope that all goes well in the fields. There is much work to do to ensure a good harvest.   In the same way, we must wait patiently for Christ’s return.Continue reading “Work to Ensure a Good Harvest”

Consistent Obedience

Jesus was speaking to people who put extremely high value on family ties. Their genealogies were important guarantees that they were part of God’s chosen people. A man’s value came from his ancestors, and a woman’s value came from the sons she bore. Jesus’ response to the woman meant that a person’s obedience to GodContinue reading “Consistent Obedience”

Stand Firm

Paul knew that the Thessalonians would face pressure from persecutions, false teachers, worldliness, and apathy to waver from the truth and to leave the faith.   So he urged them to “stand firm” and hold on to the truth they had been taught through both his letters and in person. We also may face persecution,Continue reading “Stand Firm”