Becoming Wise

There is a great difference between the person who learns from criticism and the person who refuses to accept correction. How we respond to criticism determines whether or not we grow in wisdom.   The next time someone criticizes you, listen carefully to all that is said. You might learn something. Proverbs 19:25 If youContinue reading “Becoming Wise”

The Great Physician

Jesus was God’s agent in creating the world. As followers of Christ, we may give easy assent to this truth but deny it in practice. We may believe that Christ knows and controls the laws of heaven (pertaining to salvation and spiritual growth), but we may act each day as though our financial, family, orContinue reading “The Great Physician”

Wisdom through Discernment

Everyone wants to be wise. Yet Paul taught the Corinthians that true wisdom or discernment requires the believer to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Because Satan’s greatest impact on us occurs when he decieves us, we need the Holy Spirit’s help. Spiritual discernment enables us to draw conclusions based on God’s perspective, make wiseContinue reading “Wisdom through Discernment”